Thursday, January 15, 2015

Setup Eclipse & Java Environment (PATH & JAVA_HOME)

1. Java JDK 8:
You can either install everything from Java JDK or skip the 3rd option (end user Java). If you don't know what I mean, just install everything and keep clicking next. Install it wherever you want and write down the path for the home directory! I installed mine here:


2. Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
Download this

If you need any help with the above 2 steps, someone here has addressed a step by step with pictures:,-Install,-and-Run-JDK-and-Eclipse

3. (OPTIONAL if it breaks) Setup JDK to Eclipse:
^ This guy shows you but you can't see the text.
Take that home directory I had you write down. Add "\bin" to it. Now..

..first go to My Computer > Properties.

Then go to Environment Varibles on the bottom right.

Go to PATH. See how I took it out onto Notepad? Find the current Java location. Check it out and paste it into windows explorer. See if its the one that is broken. If it is.. snip it out. Put your new home Java JDK directory in with "\bin". You will see the highlighted part in the screenshot. Make sure there aren't any other Java JDK lines in there. It will take from left to right, so if you did have 2 JDK paths it'd take the one on the left.. but best to get rid of any dead links anyways. Mine is:
Now, put it back. Don't delete anything else. Hit ok.

If you are not using Eclipse, you may need to setup windows environment. Eclipse, however, does not use JAVA_HOME. If you are using Eclipse, skip this last screenshot.

Then check for JAVA_HOME. If you do not have it, then hit New and create one. For name put "JAVA_HOME" and for the path put in the path where you installed JDK 8 on step 2!

4. Start running Eclipse. Pt. II coming up for setting up a console app in Java..