List of topics I have covered thus far: in an ordered list by topic, organized in a progressive learning fashion. (If you are looking for code projects or puzzles, please see the corresponding links on the navigation bar to the left).

    Architectural Designs, Models, and Optimization
  1. Model–View–Controller (MVC)
  2. MVC Conventions
  3. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and ASP.NET MVC Prevention
  4. ASP.NET MVC connection to a database
  5. Entity Framework
  6. Model View ViewModel (MVVM) Design
  7. Interfaces: Better Design, How & When to Use
  8. Dependency Injection
  9. Untangling API vs. Library vs. Framework
  10. Good practice: Abstract class vs. Interface

C Sharp (C#)
  1. Introduction to C#
  2. Variables and Data Types
  3. C# single or double equal signs
  4. Classes and Objects (in C#) with Example
  5. Fun with Nuances (C# Attributes vs. Properties)!
  6. List vs. Dictionary

Databases: SQL and Mongo
  1. SQL: Data Definition Language (DDL) [Part I]
  2. SQL: Data Manipulation Language (DML) [Part II]
  3. SQL: DML continued & Foreign Keys (parent/child tables) [Part III]
  4. SQL: SELECT Joins (and their usage) [Part IV]
  5. SQL Overview / Study Guide

  1. Setup Eclipse & Java Environment (PATH & JAVA_HOME)
  2. Fizz Buzz using Java and recursion

  1. Agile Development
  2. Difference: git pull vs. git fetch
  3. Most Commonly Used git Commands
  4. .NET Unit Test Frameworks
  5. Processes, Threads, and Process Real-Time "fun"
  6. What are games made of?
  7. Unity: Save Scene vs. Save Project
  8. UML Basic Bank Accounts and ATM

Web Front-End (JS, jQuery, AJAX, Angular, CSS, HTML)
  1. HTML vs. CSS overview
  2. Introduction to JavaScript pt. I
  3. Introduction to JavaScript pt. II
  4. JavaScript: Loops
  5. JavaScript: Arrays, Arrays with Loops, Continue, and Break
  6. JavaScript Escape Characters
  7. Razor HTML: For(model => model.x) vs DisplayFor(model => model.x)
  8. Brief Overview of JSON, jQuery, and Ajax
  9. JavaScript and jQuery anatomy: element, event listener, and callback function
  10. JavaScript Operators Equal Sign(s): =, ==, and ===
  11. GET vs. POST
  12. IE8 and Charts JS
  13. React JS - Lifecycle and Overview

  1. WPF Introduction
  2. XAML in WPF
  3. WPF: Label vs. Textblock