Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SQL: Data Definition Language (DDL) [Part I]

This is part I of a set of SQL notes I wanted to post about my current fitness website project.

These are the links for each part to navigate:

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

I am working on a fitness website currently and figured I should share some things from the SQL we are using that are good teaching points! Data Definition Language (DDL) will build and modify the structure of tables/objects in a database and it is available instantly. A data dictionary contains all the information of the objects.

Really, really basic, but don't ever forget this:
A COLUMN goes up and down, like a Greek/Egyptian/Roman column. :D

A ROW goes sideways because you ROW a boat from the side (perpendicular to the boat) to move. Rowing up and down would get you nowhere.

Honestly the main functions here are pretty self explanatory (which is GREAT!):

  • CREATE - create objects in database
  • RENAME - rename object
  • COMMENT - add comments to data dictionary
  • ALTER - alters database structure
  • DROP - delete objects from database

If you're unsure if you already created the database, or if you want to start it fresh.. put this at the beginning. This will clear out an existing

This actually creates the database.

Note the word IDENTITY in here. This will allow the database to automatically add the unique key each row added to the database. If you do not include it, you will have to add in the "RecipeID" as a column too. This will be described more in later parts of this small SQL example.