About Me

Hello, my name is Crystal. :D

Who am I? I am someone who eats insane amounts ketchup-- my record for one year was eating 25 lbs+. I think 7-Eleven hot dogs are the bomb. I love dragons and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. I love my job and my life, it was a lot of effort to get myself into software engineering but it was worth it! I love to learn and I love to teach. My goal is to help the people I meet become better, happier versions of themselves by sharing experiences and knowledge. It would make my day if I helped you somehow!

My History: I started off college at 16, graduated youngest in my class from the University of South Florida with a B.S. in Chemistry (magna cum laude), tried really hard then got into medical school, stayed for 3 years, tried very hard to get out of medical school, and here I am.. a happy little software developer. I would describe myself as someone who loves to learn, is motivated, positive / easily excitable, and goal oriented. I like to do my best for me and enjoy working with others to make amazing tech.

Currently, I am working for Microsoft in Tampa, FL (remotely with a lot travel). I specialize in Azure technologies, C#, and Angular. Other technologies I have worked with include React JS, SQL, Document DB, MongoDB...

Why I went into software: I enjoy patterns, puzzles, building, tinkering.. but not with physical objects (because they break-- ok I break them!). I was at a time in life where I could foresee the next 10 months, and honestly 10 years of my life in medicine being the wrong path for me. So, I decided to make a change.. try it out, and I ended up really enjoying programming. I always want to learn more and technologies are always evolving. Also, the people I met have been kind, understanding, patient, and also like to learn/teach and I believe I found an environment where I can be happy.

How I got into software: In May 2014 took a 6 month leave of absence from medical school, and decided I would get myself a career in software in that time. I have the world's best big brother who helped teach me the basics, then I scrambled to study on the Internet .. and after 4 weeks of this I applied to three jobs, got two offers.. took one and sent my withdrawal to medical school June of that year and never looked back. I get asked a lot about regrets and honestly I have none, this was the best decision for my life and I am so grateful for who and what I have in my life today. I have a Quora post specifically about leaving/starting a job in a new career which you can read by clicking HERE.

My blog posts are a mix of technical tutorials, code projects, and random cool tech stuff. I try to explain ideas and concepts the way I would have liked to hear them and break ideas down to something simple, or post new things I have learned. I learned everything from the Internet and from people I have met along the way, so I wanted to try and contribute some thoughts in hopes it will help someone somewhere!

Outside of programming, I enjoy: weight training, tennis, boxing, swimming, nutrition/cooking, playing video games, chess, piano, and learning languages. The video games that have made me the happiest are DOTA 2, Fire Emblem, Towerfall Ascension, Smash (project M), Chocobo's Dungeon, and Earthbound / Mother. If you play DOTA 2, join me in a game on Steam :). I have done some design work before and have it on my portfolio (mainly Photoshop editing). I try to sew plushies and costumes for fun. I cook a lot and have posted some recipes in the blog linked below. Right now I am trying to learn to make Unity games (coding, art, etc.) on the side.

Please visit my Contact page if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for me!
Much thanks for reading,

Crystal Tenn

P.S. One more thing..

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Above are things that make me happy! From left to right: I sticky noted a door with tetris, made a fimo version of the Mk. II metal gear from the game "Snatcher," sticky noted another door with Mario, and a Chocobo!