About Me

Hello, my name is Crystal. :D

Who am I? I have a Chemistry degree, 3/4 of a medical degree, and am a self taught developer. I am someone who eats insane amounts ketchup-- my record for one year was eating 40 lbs+. I think 7-Eleven hot dogs are the bomb. I love to learn about life, people, software, and learning itself! I believe a lot in being present, enjoying life, and having a good positive perspective towards any challenge. I believe that making good software is about having passion for the project and trying to come up with features that users didn't even know they needed. I love teaching and mentoring others and believe that the more we help out others, the more they will help others as well, and that makes our world just a little more positive. My goal is to help the people I meet become better, happier versions of themselves by sharing experiences and knowledge. I learned everything from the Internet and from people I have met along the way, so I wanted to try and contribute some thoughts with blog posts in hopes it will help someone somewhere! It would make my day if I helped you somehow!

Currently, I am a Software Engineer III for GitHub. I specialize in C#, .NET Framework/Core, React/Redux, SQL, Azure, and DevOps.

Why I went into software: I enjoy patterns, puzzles, building, tinkering.. but not with physical objects (because they break-- ok I break them!). I was at a time in life where I could foresee the next 10 months, and honestly 10 years of my life in medicine being the wrong path for me. So, I decided to make a change, try it out, and I ended up really enjoying programming. I always want to learn more and technologies are always evolving. Also, the people I met have been kind, understanding, patient, and also like to learn/teach and I believe I found an environment where I can be happy.

How I got into software: In May 2014 took a 6 month leave of absence from medical school, and decided I would get myself a career in software in that time. I have the world's best big brother who helped teach me the basics, then I scrambled to study on the Internet .. and after 4 weeks of this I applied to three jobs, got two offers.. took one and sent my withdrawal to medical school June of that year and never looked back. I get asked a lot about regrets and honestly I have none, this was the best decision for my life and I am so grateful for who and what I have in my life today. I have a Quora post specifically about leaving/starting a job in a new career which you can read by clicking HERE.

Outside of programming, I enjoy: rock-climbing, weight training, boxing, swimming, cooking, video games, board games, and singing. I love dragons and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.
Much thanks for reading,

Crystal Tenn

P.S. One more thing..

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Above are things that make me happy! From left to right: I sticky noted a door with tetris, made a fimo version of the Mk. II metal gear from the game "Snatcher," sticky noted another door with Mario, and a Chocobo!