Sunday, July 13, 2014

Most Commonly Used git Commands

Just a reference for some of the most common git commands out there! Explanation of each on top, and below is the command for Git bash.

Setting up with remote GitHub:
See existing remote branches:

Adding from Git Repository (URL found on bottom right menu of GitHub), this one is "origin" for me, but you can name it other things if you have a specific name for a certain connection:

Removing from local (replace "origin" with whichever branch you want to remove):

Version Control in a Team Setting:
Committing your work locally and in quotation marks, add a descriptive message of the changes made. Make sure it RUNS before doing this!

Push your local changes up to Git for all to see. DOUBLE make sure it RUNS. Master here if you do not have other branches. If you do, then this will change depending on what and how much you wish to push. Origin here is the one I am working with, like I mentioned, this could change depending on what you are working with at the time.

Pull down changes from others. Same deal with the master branch and origin as mentioned above.

More to be added soon.. !