Friday, May 8, 2015

How to Start Programming

I've been asked for recommendations to go the self-taught route for someone with no programming experience,! It starts with the basics and intro, but most of it is up to you :)! As long as you are building things you are interested in and enjoy it, you will pick up skills along the way that make foundations and are always relevant to things you work on in the future. I suggest beginning in this order, starting with web development. As opposed to doing web, you could also try and do application type of development, but here is a good start for web development.

#1. HTML

#2. CSS

Do these to practice:

#3. JavaScript - complete this course, email / text / call me if you get stuck

#4. jQuery

**ABOVE is for a web developer

Microsoft Visual Studio -- download this program to do C# work

#5. C# concepts-- go through all these concepts and understand them. Kinda go through these and #6 at the same time and try using Visual Studio

#6 C# video tutorial set --

#7. SQL: go through these basic commands (there's a lot more than this though, ask me about it when you get to this point)

Then be able to do simple problems from Project Euler.

Contoso Univ App:

Sites I cannot live without:
Stack Overflow - The best open source community to ask questions and see what others have asked.
GitHub - you can upload your own work or pull down others code to see how things are made!
Code Project - GREAT tutorials and articles on specific topics.